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A Sindhi film after 19 years!

By Abdulla Mahmood, Gulf News Report
Published: October 17, 2007, 23:55

Despite the Sindhi community being actively involved in Bollywood, only 20 Sindhi films have been produced in the last 60 years.

Pyar Kare Dis (Feel The Power of Love) is the latest film to reach out to the 50 million Sindhis across the globe.
The man behind this film is Denmark-based Sindhi businessman M. Harwani, producer and founder of Sunico Films. In 1993, Harwani and Dev Anand jointly produced an Indo-Danish feature film, Pyar Ka Tarana which established the banner of Sunico Films.

Pyar Kare Dis is a love story and family drama directed by Kamal Nathani and stars Jiten Lalwani and Menka Lalwani.
The film also features popular actress Preeti Jhangiani in an item number and has popular Bollywood singers such as Shaan, Jagjit Singh, Roopkumar Rathod and Richa Sharma. The film set a record when it was released across India and simultaneously online. tabloid! caught up with Harwani for an exclusive chat when he was in Dubai to promote his film:

What made you produce the Sindhi film Pyar Kare Dis?

Love for my community drove me to make this film. It is my humble effort to encourage Sindhi cinema in particular and the language in general. There has been no Sindhi film made for the big screen in the last 19 years though a small feature film was made 6 years ago.

Do you think a Sindhi film is a wise business proposition?

I sincerely believe that Sindhi films have a lot of untapped potential. If a Bhojpuri film can do well, then a Sindhi film can too. I released my film in 16 cinemas in India, which is a very high standard for a Sindhi film. In order to reach out to Sindhis spread across various parts of the world, I released the film online through my website There have already been 200,000 hits from all over the world with most visitors from the US, Pakistan and the UAE. With a 50 million Sindhi population all over, I am confident that my film will set a precedent and inject much-needed blood into the lifeless Sindhi cinema.

What is your film about and what are its highlights?

It is a tale about an NRI girl who visits Pune for her cousin's wedding only to get a culture shock when she finds her cousin's family in a mess. She takes matters into her own hands to sort out the family affairs and in the process finds the love of her life too. It is a feel-good entertainer. I had top Bollywood singers sing some lovely songs, which should eventually become popular.

Would a Sindhi film appeal to the younger generation who are now accustomed to the gloss and glamour of Bollywood?

In the past, Sindhi films were poor in content but my film is contemporary with a youthful appeal. It deals with the Sindhis of today, which makes it easily identifiable by all. In fact, the item number featuring Preeti Jhangiani is to attract the attention of the youth and in the process make them watch a film in their mother tongue.

Did you face any setbacks or have a tough time making this film?

My film was shot without any hitch except for the unprofessional attitude of Preeti Jhangiani. After she shot her item number, we paid her the full amount but later she did not have the decency to attend the press conference or film premiere despite confirming her presence. I wouldn't want to work with such an actress with no ethics in the future.

What are your future plans?

I want to make at least a couple of quality Sindhi films yearly. My next project will be called Sindhi Rocks and it is for the Sindhi youth. The film will be shot in India, Copenhagen and Dubai.

People's verdict

"It is a valiant effort from Harwani to revive Sindhi cinema by making such a relevant film that will appeal to all Sindhis."
- Bhagwan Kalyani

"It is very important to make a Sindhi film depicting the Sindhi community authentically as it will keep our culture alive"
- Mrs Sarla

"I believe that a Sindhi film like Pyar Kare Dis will make the Sindhi youth aware of their heritage and get them connected to the Sindhi community."
- Ramesh Vyas

"A majority of Sindhis prefer Bollywood films, but if quality and contemporary Sindhi films are made, there would be a sizeable population of Sindhis who would love to watch them in future."
- Ramesh Bhagwani

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Sindhi movie 'Pyar Kare Dis' to release in cinemas & online simultaneously on September 14

'Pyar Kare Dis: Feel the Power of Love', a complete family entertainer in Sindhi, is going to create a record with worldwide theatrical as well as online release on September 14, 2007, inform the director of the movie, Mr. Kamal D. Nathani and Mr. M. Harwani the producer of the film.

This is the first ever Sindhi movie to get an online release on the same day of its theatrical release, said Mr Harwani adding that the movie can be downloaded by simply logging on to, the official website of Sunico Productions (India) Limited.

Viewers can also place order for DVD/VCD of the movie through the portal, Mr. Nathani said.

Recently a Completion Party was held at. The Royal Classic Club, Mumbai wherein the media and Sindhi Community applauded the efforts of the director and producer. It may be noted that a Sindhi movie has been made after a gap of 6 years. Already the music of the movie is creating ripples among the community as none other than Ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh along with GenX heartthrob Shaan, Roop Kumar Rathod & Richa Sharma have lent their melodious voice to the songs composed by Ghansham Vaswani. Other singers include Shilpa Vaswani and Sadaa Thakur.

Producer of the movie is Denmark-based Mr. M. Harwani, who had earlier produced 'Pyar Ka Tarana' with legendry actor-director Dev Anand. Mr. Harwani's name figures in the 100 MOST PROMINENT GLOBAL INDIANS OF THE WORLD. Mr. Harwani has also announced that he would be producing at. least 2-3 Sindhi Films every Year and his next Sindhi Film would be SINDHI ROCKS and it'll be for the Sindhi Youth of today. SINDHI ROCKS will be shot not only in India but also in DUBAI and COPENHAGEN.

PYAR KARE DIS stars Preeti Jhangiani in a special appearance, Jiten Lalwani, Menka Lalwani, Vishal Watwani, Meheck, Neeru Asrani, Seema Motwani, Jaya Asrani, Prakash Ramchandani, Mayuri Raghani, Gunjan Thawrani, Laxman Sachdev, S. C. Makhija & world-famous Sindhi ballet dancer Anila Sunder.
Songs are penned by well-known Sindhi poets Prabhu Vafa & Vasdev Nirmal. Choreographer is Rajeev Dinkar, Story is by Kamal Nathani while Screenplay & Dialogue is written by Mahesh Rajput. Gopal Raghani has handled Camera and Editing. Media Consultants are Picture N Kraft, Srikant Bhatia and Nine Winds.

A special screening of the filn PYAR KARE DIS was held at. FILMS DIVISION AUDITORIUM, New Delhi and the film was highly appreciated by prominrnt sindhis Mr. Ram Jethmalani , Mr. Suresh Keswani and top elite Sindhis of Delhi. A campaign of Road Show is underway to promote the film and the main cast alongwith the director is travelling to various places all over India like Gandhidham, Ahmedabad , Nagpur , Amrawati etc. before the release of the film on 14th Sep' 2007.

PYAR KARE DIS is about this power of Love, which can change the way we look at things.


Puja (Menka Lalwani), daughter of a businessman Ram Matai (Prakash Ramchandani) based in New York, is excited when she learns the news about wedding of his cousin Sunder (Vishal Watwani), scheduled in a month's time at Pune, India. She, at once, decides to visit the country of her origin. On her way from
Mumbai to Pune, she meets Dev (Jiten Lalwani), a handsome boy & falls in love.

At home, she notices aunty Padma (Seema Motwani) dominates the household and her uncle Murli's (Neeru Asrani) home is in mess. Dadi (Jaya Asrani), who is not keeping well, is being ignored. Her cousin Sangita (Gunjan Tharwani) is not allowed to do anything on her own. Murli does not want any tension in the house so does not interfere. Every member of the family including Sunder, has surrendered to the whims and fancies of Padma.

With preparations for Sunder's wedding in full swing, Puja begins to take things into her own hands. Twist in the tale comes with revelation that Sunder is not happy with the marriage as he was in love with a Christian girl Rosy (Mehak Bhatia).

Puja decides to fix the problem with the help of Dev. She meets Sunder's fiancé and tells her about Rosy. All hell breaks loose, when news comes from Sunder's would be in-laws that they have decided to break the ties. Following a major showdown Sunder leaves home in anger. Puja is shocked at these happenings.

Now what will Puja do to bring back Sunder? Will Padma ever agree Sunder marrying Rosy? Besides how will Puja convince her father about Dev? An incident from the past is looming large over the fate of Puja and Dev's relationship.

How Puja will handle this situation? For answers to these questions, you will have to watch 'PYAR KARE DIS: FEEL THE POWER OF LOVE'

Music Review

The soundtrack of the Sindhi movie 'Pyar Kare Dis' consists of five melodious songs of as many moods & a medley, which have a very soothing effect on listeners.

'O Saathi….' is a prayer, sung by Ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh and has a soft feel & would be liked by old & young alike, while 'Khushia Mein…', with foot-tapping music & GenX heartthrob Shaan's voice is bound to hit a chord with teenagers. On the other hand, 'Suhina' has potential to become yet another 'Dama Dum Mast Kalandar', an unforgettable number sung by legendry Runa Laila as Richa Sharma's rustic voice has given this song a new height. Moreover, the song is picturised on Bollywood actress Preeti Jhangiani, so once the movie is released, popularity of the song is bound to rise. 'Tuhinje Dar Te Doolah' is a devotional qawali sung in Sufi style by Roop Kumar Rathod. The song shot in Ulhasnagar's famous Puj Chaliya Sahib Jhulelal Mandir is already a hit with the community. 'Birha Kayo Behaal' is a sad song beautifully sung by Shilpa. Last but not the least there is a medley of songs based on hit Bollywood numbers of yesteryears.

In a nutshell, the album is mix of various moods catering to different generations.

(To have a look at the video album, one can log on to or & type 'Pyar Kare Dis' in search column or visit where one can download video clippings, caller tunes & ring tones of songs on his/her mobile.)

Producer M Harwani Speaks:

It is my humble effort to encourage Sindhi cinema in particular & the language in general. I hope the success of 'Pyar Kare Dis' would change gloomy scenario in the field as a Sindhi movie is a rare occurrence despite the fact that Bollywood boasts many big names from the community. It is unfortunate that in last 60 years only 20-odd Sindhi films have been made. Moreover, in last 15-20 years, movies made in the language were very poor in content. In fact, Sindhi movies made in black & white era with limited resources were well received because they had good stories to tell and were well-made. However with nearly 5 crore Sindhis spread across the globe, I am confident 'Pyar Kare Dis' would set a precedence. More & more film makers would come forward to make Sindhi movies.

Director Kamal D Nathani Speaks:

'Pyar Kare Dis' has a contemporary theme and portrays the realities which the community is facing today. It is a typical 'feel good' movie with all ingredients of a family entertainer. It is a journey of a Non Resident Indian girl to her country of origin, where she finds the love of her life. USP of the film is the music. I am hopeful people would like the movie & it would contribute in the reviving of Sindhi cinema. There should not be any doubt about this as it is my gut feeling that if a other regional movies could run successfully at the box office, why not a Sindhi movie?

About the producer

Mangharam Harwani is a successful businessman based in Copenhagen, Denmark. His company Sunico is one of the leading suppliers in electronic goods, mobile phones and telecommunication equipments.

In 1993, Harwani and Dev Anand jointly produced an Indo-Danish feature film 'Pyar Ka Tarana' thereby establishing the banner of Sunico Productions.

Harwani was born in Ajmer, Rajasthan in 1947. After completing his education from Jhodhpur as a mechanical engineer, he held a plum post in a multinational oil well logging company, Schlumberger, in the Middle East. He has lived in Bahrain, Dubai, Iran, Kuwait, Muscat in Oman and Qatar. In 1971, Harwani moved
to Copenhagen, Denmark.

He was the first ever person of Indian origin to start an import-export business in Denmark. His company Sunico soon earned the reputation as one of the leading suppliers of electronic goods throughout Europe. A recent survey has placed Sunico at number 34 among to 1000 business organisations in Denmark. Apart from
his business activities, M. Harwani has established himself as a freelance journalist, focusing on India's political and social aspects. Besides, he started the first Indian terrestrial TV channel in Denmark, The Indiavision.

About the Director

Kamal D Nathani started his career with Gul Anand to assist in making of 'Chashme Baddoor' and 'Jalwa'.

Having an experience of over two decades in films & television media with over 300 ad films plus some award winning serials, Nathani has to his credit critically acclaimed movies like 'The Hope' and 'With Love... Tumhara' in Hindi besides 'Ker Kahinjo' and 'Aukha Pandh Pyar Ja ' in Sindhi.

Music has been his forte. He has a keen sense as a writer and generally evolves his own style, as a filmmaker be it a serial or an Ad film or even a feature film.

Writer & director Kamal Nathani’s debut Hindi film ‘The Hope’ was about hope, peace, survival and the value of human life. ‘The Hope’ was screened at various International Film Festivals with tremendous response. The film was screened for the National Awards in 2005 and in Emden, Germany for Berhnard Wicky Award.

The Times Of India wrote: “It’s a story that places Nathani in the league of several other directors like Gulzar (Maachis), Khalid Mohamed (Fiza), Mani Ratnam (Dil Se), Vidhu Vinod Chopra (Mission Kashmir) ands Santosh Sivan (The Terrorist), who have been directly or indirectly touched by the Kashmir struggle and have used the medium of cinema to portray either the reality as it exists or create a debate over the prolonged issue of peace having gone to pieces”.

About the music director

Ghansham Vaswani, gifted with a melodious voice, is a discovery from the well known ghazal maestro duo Jagjit Singh and Chitra Singh. Born to Smt. Tulsi & Shri Santu Vaswani, a popular singer of Sindhi Sufi Music, Ghansham has had initial exposure to music at home. In spite of having a highly qualified academic background, Ghansham has chosen music as him main line of pursuit.

After initial training in classical music from Ustad Aaftab Ahmed Khan and Pandit Ajay Pohankar, he continues classical training from Dr. Sushila Pohankar and Pandit Rajaram Shukla.

Ghansham has been regularly performing all over the country and abroad. Having toured Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Bangkok, Singapore, Dubai, South Africa and USA. He is a much sought after singer, busy with recordings for television, AIR concerts, films, T.V. serials and commercials. He has rendered songs for many feature films in Hindi - 'Ankush', 'Kalka', 'Satwaan Aasmaan' etc., and in Sindhi - 'Hal Ta Bhajee Haloon', 'Ammi ya Mummy' & 'Ker Kahinjo' etc.

He has composed music for T.V. serials like 'Abhinetri', 'Bebas', 'Choomantar' & 'Urdu Hai Jiska Naam' besides composing music for Punjabi movie 'Jogi', ghazal album 'Forget Me Not' (T-Series), sung by his guru and mentor Jagjit Singh.

Ghansham has sung and composed music for a very successful popular dance ballet in Sindhi 'Sindh Muhinji Amaa' and also for music dramas 'Amma jo Peengho' and 'Aseen Bi Kuchh Aahiyoon'.

For Further information feel free to contact:

Mr H .Harwani (Producer) 9870114584-Mumbai
Parul Chawla (Picture N Kraft) : 9833577407 / 9221075009
Kamal D. Nathani: 09820052912 - 022 26346870
You can also visit the website:

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Preeti Jhangiani is all set to sizzle in a Sindhi film

Mumbai: Bollywood actor Preeti Jhanghiani is all set to sizzle in a Sindhi movie titled "Pyar Kare Dis: Feel the Power of Love'.

"Mohabaten" fame Preeti has done an important item number in this Sindhi movie, which is scheduled to release in August. However, Preeti insists this is not an ordinary item song as the song is part of climax of the movie.

When asked about the reason for doing this song, Preeti said, she did it becauste it was for a Sindhi movie and also she knew director Kamal D Nathani very well as she has worked with him in "With Love... Tumhara".

It may be noted "Pyar Kare Dis: Feel the Power of Love" has music by Ghansham Vaswani & singers like Jagjit Singh, Roopkumar Rathod, Shaan and Richa Sharma have lent their voice to songs penned by Prabhu Vafa and Vasdev Nirmal.

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After a gap of more than 5 years comes a Sindhi movie

Pyar Kare Dis: Feel The Power of Love
(A complete family entertainer in Sindhi)

It is my humble effort to encourage Sindhi Cinema, says producer M Harwani

If Bhojpuri movies can do it, so can Sindhi movies, says director Kamal D Nathani

Mumbai: Is it not ironical that despite having many big producers, financers, technicians and artists from the Sindhi community in Bollywood, release of a movie in this language is a rare occurrence, asks Kamal D Nathani, director of soon-to-be-released family entertainer "Pyar Kare Dis: Feel the Power of Love".

Mr Nathani, who has just finished shooting and is busy in post production of the movie told reporters here, in last 60 years of Independent India, there are 20-odd movies made in the language, though there is no dearth of resources as the community is economically sound.

When asked, is it commercially viable to make a Sindhi movie and recover the cost, M Harwani, Denmark-based producer of the movie told over phone, with the population of five crore, Sindhi community has presence all over the world, there is ample scope for a Sindhi movie to be a profitable venture, while Mr Nathani asserted if a Bhojpuri movie can recover its cost and run successfully in non-Bhojpuri speaking centers, why not a Sindhi movie?

"The success of PYAR KARE DIS would change this scenario", hoped Mr. Harwani, who had earlier made "Pyar Ka Tarana" with Dev Anand.

"It is a humble effort on my part to encourage Sindhi cinema in particular and the language in general", claimed Mr Harwani.

Mr Harwani opined that in fact, Sindhi movies made in black & white era with limited resources were well received because they had good stories to tell and were well-made but in the recent past, say in last 15-20 years, movies made in the language were very poor in content, he said and added also the look of the movie is very important as you have to compete with a Bollywood movie.

About 'Pyar Kare Dis: Feel the Power of Love', Mr. Nathani said it has a contemporary theme and portrays the realities which community is facing today.

Mr. Nathani, who has earlier made "The Hope", "With Love... Tumhara" in Hindi & "Ker Kahinjo" and "Okha Pand Pyaar Ja" in Sindhi, said that PYAR KARE DIS is a typical 'feel good' movie with all ingredients of a family entertainer.

It is journey of a Non Resident Indian girl to her country of origin, where she finds her love of life, he added.

The movie, made under tha banner of Sunico (India) Limited, is scheduled for August release, the producer and added that he would like to explore online release of the movie besides traditional avenues like theatres and DVDs/VCDs.

'Pyar Kare Dis: Feel the Power of Love' is a love story cum family drama and stars Jiten Lalwani, Menka Lalwani, Vishal Vatwani, Mehak Bhatia, Gunjan Tharwani, Neeru Asrani, Jaya Asrani, Seema Motwani, Prakash Ramchandani, Mayuri Raghani and S C Makhija.

Bollywood actor Preeti Jhangiyani has done a special item number in the movie which forms climax part of the movie and Anila Sunder, a well-known artist from the community has done a guest appearance.

Music is by Ghansham Vaswani. Ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh, Shaan, Roopkumar Rathod, Richa Sharma, Shilpa Vaswani and Sada Thakur have lent their voice to the songs penned by Prabhu Vafa & Vasdev Nirmal. Choerography is by Rajeev Dinkar, Story is by Kamal Nathani while Kamal Nathani alongwith Mahesh Rajput has written the screenplay & Dialogues are by Mahesh Rajput. Gopal Raghani has handled Camera and Editing.

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List of Sindhi movies

List of Sindhi Movies

1.Bhagat Kanwarram (1952)
2. Umar Marvi (1956)
3. Rai Daich (1958)
4. Abana (1958)
5. Insaaf Kithe Ahe? (1959)
6. Jhulelal (1966)
7. Ladli (1968)
8. Raat hik toofan ji (1969)
9. Shal Dheear na jaman (1970)
10. Nakuli Shaan (1971)
11. Anjha ta maan nandiri aahiyan (?)
12. Hal ta bhaji Halaoon (1984)
13. Amar Uderolal (1988)
14. Okha Pand Pyaar Ja
15. Jai Jhulelal (1989)
16. Sant Kanwarram (1990)
17. Ker Kahinjo (1994)
18. Dil Dije Dil waran khe (2001)
19. Paarewari (2002)
20. Pyar Kare Dis (2007)